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The 2011 English Talent Zhejiang Regional final - Hounzhou.

It was called The CCTV in 2011 Star of Hope, English language Talent Competition, Zhejiang Regional final. The winners go on TV in Beijing for the national! I flew up on Saturday to Hangzhou to mentor a students who had qualified in second place through a Wenzhou heat. She is 8 years old and I'd taught her for a year or so and have been teaching her via a video link since I moved to SZ. The speach I wrote for her was called Welcome to my TV show 'kitty around the world'. She'd been to Europe last year so it was easy for her to remember the names of the sights. Also I could throw in a few adjectives for country names which is fashionable language for them at that age, like French bread and Italian taxi drivers. Verbs go went eat ate see saw and so on. She's actually quite good, you can have a conversation with her. 


She was contestant 105 of about 125 in her age group. Her age group is grade 1 - 3. There were two competitions, the first was the speach in the morning and then she had to do a story in the afternoon. In the morning she stumbled a bit with her speech and her voice wasn't that big. In the afternoon she had to

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