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this peom has goel....specific aim and benefit aim ,read it and u will not lose,belive me...


i turned my face to behind me
i saw it,i saw the great cloud
i don't understood what it means as for me
yet,i heard a loud crying voice
?what is this ?what it means
i observed the person in it,who sits sadly
?who may it is?why he is sad
he look like me,then he jumped quickly
he now observed me,his face is bad
?i asked afraid,who are u
he laughs loudly and longly
?i asked again ,plz,who are u
he replied seriously,iam so sad
my friend,destroyed me,and took me to the fault..
my friend,hurt me,and arrived with me to the death
?want u me to be happy
i looked to the floor,and i become
crying and said:iam sorry
he replied with his yellow smile:
?u know me
then he said:then speak
yes ....i said
then,iam ur good work,u make me weak
this is so beautiful,'cause it means thatthis person{which is the speaker}is so ungood so he make his good work {which is the sad person}sooo...weak,'cause he has so small quantity of good and benefit work..



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Comment by M on June 30, 2011 at 5:17pm
Mr Poet,saw you just now like around 17:16:15 busy with writting poet,was on the mission to get some nice water gun for fighting,didn't have time to say hi,shame: )
Comment by M on June 30, 2011 at 3:07pm
hmmm,I wonder who's the writer


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