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The most enlightening movies I have ever seen

Have you ever seen a movie that changed your way of thinking and how you see the world?
I have seen 3 movies that have changed my outlook and so I thought I would share them, if you like them, you may have to watch them more than once.

the first one is "What the Bleep do we know?"
I found the movie on youku with chinese subtitles in 2 parts

the second is (What the bleep do we know) down the rabbit hole
in 3 parts on

The third is "The secret"

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Comment by Anthony Anderson on January 3, 2010 at 7:35pm
The thing about Emoto's experiment was faith. Science cannot fathom this concept because science says experiments are empirical and can be duplicated like this without fail or varience. Varience and possibilities are what quantum physics are founded on. Physics is a science but physicists are still trying to find a unity theory to pull all the sciences together. The thing is Emoto knows about human will and intention. Brain waves are not new concepts. Ever get a bad feeling about someone? Call it intuition or whatever you like. Was it you creating this bad feeling or was the person projecting bad feelings that you picked up on? You cant prove either one. You cant even prove intuition exists but some how we ALL experience it and recognize it afterwards, even if just for a moment. The issue is not so much how we get these feelings but that we do and we have all experienced them. "Feel more think less" until science can merge this into a scientific experiment, they will be chasing after an answer they are incapable of comprehending. Its just to fantastic for the paradigm they have built for themselves.

Comment by Michelle on January 1, 2010 at 5:57pm
ok so we both agree that the movie holds some truth and that everyone should do their own research- I'm cool with that
Comment by RedZenTerrorist on December 30, 2009 at 6:08pm
So long as your brains habits affect your brain, and nothing but your brain, then we agree.

It's when the movie claims that brainwaves affects the world outside the brain (magic...), that we hit the evil flattery.

If you have any respect for my word, please take my word for it that if you do bother to google, you will realize that the movie deliberately lies to you throughout about the scientific proof for the brain being able to do this, in the same way as I just showed they did in the water example. Emotos water is just an example, because you asked for one - but virtually all the scientific claims the movie makes are malicious, moneygrubbing deceit (not innocent mistakes) in the same way. Google, and you shall relieve yourself of the pleasant lies, and be better able to do the genuine self-mastery stuff.

You'll be a better healer for it if you do the googling. :-)
Comment by Michelle on December 29, 2009 at 10:17pm
Red zen,
I understand your point - but what about the other claims in the movie? another point in the movie is that when you think a certain way, when you associate one emotion with a thought it creates a pattern - for me this is important - not to get jaded, if every time I think about love (for example)- I associate it with a hurt feeling then that’s what I begin to create in my reality. It may be pleasant to think good thoughts - but this movie is trying to say that it's scientifically true that if you think negatively it becomes a habit When certain neurons fire together and take a certain pathway, it will be easier for the same neurons to continue firing together and continue taking the same pathway due to the lesser resistance in that pathway. This affects life.

I am not saying that everything in this movie is 100% true but there is value- I have honestly not done enough research to give you an accurate percentage. I am just saying that there are truths and benefits to watching this movie. Not many things in this world are 100% true or pure.. If we disregard something on this basis alone then we disregard much. We can choose to take and leave bit and pieces of any story or piece of information. There is a saying “In every story, there is some truth” what is the degree of truth here? You decide.

Call it what you want thinking nice thoughts, being positive, whatever- I am not saying be naïve about the horrors in the world I am just saying that I don’t want to be negative and spread that around me - I would rather spread help, good feeling, a smile, things that influence this world and those around me for the better not the worst.

What impacts you more and makes you want to do better? Me shaking my fists at you and saying that you are crap or me saying that you are and have amazing potential and ability and that you have a choice to shine light and be as great (or greater) as anyone has ever been or is?
Comment by RedZenTerrorist on December 29, 2009 at 9:48pm

The thing is, lots of people have tried to duplicate Emotos results - if you google for it, you will find out. They failed to duplicate them. Emoto was offered A MILLION DOLLARS IN HARD CASH (!!) if he would just duplicate them. He refused, and he can't account for why. The usual story... politicians and charlatans never come clean, they just refuse to answer the questions...

But the thing is, he's misleading people into believing (pleasant) lies with serious consequences. He's causing genuinely sick people - often quite poor and desperate people - to spend meager money on treatments he knows don't stand up to scrutiny. And he's making profit on it. Making money off of people who don't want to spend 5 minutes checking if the pleasant story is a pleasant lie.

To me, this is simply evil. I sincerely hope you research the claims... I know you like the message, but good-hearted people have a way of being led by flattery and trickery to give fuel to evil purposes and cruel designs.
Comment by Michelle on December 29, 2009 at 9:05pm
Lol, kaminari, lol you dont want to be treated by me- I'm sure you have your reasons and whether they are thought out or not, have a good basis or not - it doesnt matter. to each his own, lol
red zen - hey ok - thats one point - he won't let his experiment be checked- but its easy to duplicate the experiment.
to both of you - its not that big of a deal - watch it , dont watch it, research it or don't, love it or hate it - doesn't matter:) I was just sharing these movies because I liked them. you can share the movies that you like or don't, lol
Comment by RedZenTerrorist on December 29, 2009 at 2:25am
Hi Michelle,

If you don't google for it, you shan't find out. One claim of the movie is that it has been scientifically demonstrated that meditating on words over water will influence their molecular structure. It's easy to find what the movie refers to (the work of Masaru Emoto), if one googles for it, and equally easy to find why it has no scientific mainstream credibility - Masuru won't let his claims be tested. Here quoted from wikipedia:

Commentators have criticized Emoto for insufficient experimental controls,[6] and for not sharing enough details of his approach with the scientific community. [7] In addition, Emoto has been criticized for designing his experiments in ways that leave them open to human error influencing his findings. [8]

In the day-to-day work of his group, the creativity of the photographers rather than the rigor of the experiment is an explicit policy of Emoto.[9] Emoto freely acknowledges that he is not a scientist,[10] and that photographers are instructed to select the most pleasing photographs.[11]

In 2003, James Randi publicly offered Emoto one million dollars if his results can be reproduced in a double-blind study.[12]

So it's not that "scientists disagree", and "there are two equally valid points of view". Emoto's claims don't use the scientific method, and he refuses to allow them to be checked, as the scientific method necessitates.
Comment by Michelle on December 29, 2009 at 1:06am
so anyway.... the link to the The secret is
coming from the medical field, I understand the movies and stand behind them - maybe not every single line- but it still has made an impact on my life and thats what I'm sharing- If you study psychology and the anatomy and behavior of the human brain and body you will see that these movies hold truth. :)
what red zen? not all scientist agree on something? what a shock!
since when have they ever? tell me specifics, not just what other people are hating on, please - then we may be able to discuss this further:)

My Weixin is on my page
Comment by Black Dynamite on December 28, 2009 at 10:05pm
"Fast Food Nation" was enough to get me off of McDonald's for a WEEKEND :-P
Comment by RedZenTerrorist on December 28, 2009 at 9:59pm
Plus, it has the scene with the enormous, stainless steel incubation machine...

god, I loved that machine


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