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The ThiNKiNG Man's Game: A 15-Year-Old Prophecy

September 17: Aging Genius vs.Vicious Determination

Boxing Special for Positive Enthusiasts only
Boxing is a thinking man’s game.



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Now that Video #1 (above) has explained "the prophecy", let me say right off the bat: In a series of coincidental circumstances, this blog portions of which I've already published on a Boxing site comes barely two days after my Fear Series. And I think that's great, because I never meant to use the Fear Series to convey any air or iota of invincibility on my part. I confront fear all the time and this blog should provide ample evidence of one such example.



There's something ominous about this fight. And I concur with most projections made in the next video (right below) notably, that we may see Floyd Mayweather (incontrovertibly this time) on the canvas for the first time.



I once predicted after the Mayweather vs. Marquez, if or when Mayweather ever suffers his first official knockdown or knockout, it will may come via via a powerful overhand right. And in Mayweather vs. Marquez, Mayweather was caught with a flush overhand right which he responded to promptly by knocking down Marquez seconds later. A bigger overhand right by 'Sugar' Shane Mosely famously threatened Mayweather in Round 2 of his last bout.



That, together with the age factor is one reason, I am worried September 17 could go down in Boxing History as one of those Ricky Hatton vs. Kostya Tszyu, Antonio Tarver vs. Roy Jones, Jnr (2), or even Floyd Mayweather Jnr v. Genaro Hernandez moments. And I'll explain that momentarily. But first, some necessary reminders, followed by why I agree with some of the projections you will hear.

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I applaud Floyd Mayweather Jnr. for actually watching 'Vicious' Vic dethrone previously unbeaten Andre Berto from ringside only to turn around and want to face him. As legendary Hall of Fame Trainer (of the Klitschko brothers) Emanuel Steward said, I too have always argued when all is said and done, "there isn't a huge difference between boxers" and their ability to hurt each other, "although many people think that way".



As an Anti-Doping/Anti-cheating advocate, I also applaud both Mayweather and Ortiz for ensuring this particular fight can be billed as "clean" at a time when athletes (across different sports disciplines) are cheating left and right—a subject to be explored in a subsequent blog.

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As an athlete, Floyd just isn't young anymore. And the moment he said in one of the HBO 24/7 series he "work[s] harder" (and I'm paraphrasing here) than "any other fighter" with his credentials, upset flashbacks immediately hit me. Think Ricky Hatton vs. Kostya Tszyu, Antonio Tarver vs. Roy Jones, Jnr. II; even Mayweather v. Genaro Hernandez, who never fought again after losing to Mayweather. But that's where my fears about Mayweather's age comes in.



We could spend all week drooling over why my fears are unfounded, why Boxing legends (like Muhammad Ali), not just stars and superstars, come out to ringside to watch Mayweather whenever he fights. We can even list endless occasions when he made future Boxing Hall of Famers look inept in the ring. Take for instance the Arturo Gatti/Mayweather mismatch. Sharmba Mitchell, Ricky Hatton who had just disposed of the legendary and feared Kostya Tszyu as well as Jose Luis Castillo (who many argue was Mayweather's nemesis); Phillip N'dou (who came in with an intimidating 31-1 record, 30 of those wins being knock outs); Diego Corrales (who came in unbeaten at 33-0 and like N'dou was the bigger man). We could go on and on.



But what I do remember about the Genaro Hernandez fight was that Hernandez, the aging 38-1-1 WBC Super Featherweight champion (like Mayweather this time around) came in with all the experience and tricks against a hungry, younger, energetic but inexperienced Mayweather ('Determination' blog flashback).



It turned out very bad for him.



And every time Mayweather invoked Hernandez in recent weeks, he only made me more uneasy. See that fight if you never did. For now, have a look at Ricky Hatton vs. Kostya Tszyu (below) and you'll begin to get my drift.  

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The one above included, these were fights where the "hardest working", experienced AND talented greats found you can't cheat nature, power and volume.



When a hungry, fresh, powerful and/or volume fighter brings his nightmare to your (previous) reality, you go home a loser for the first time. That's why I can't call this fight albeit anyone who's ever bet money against Mayweather Jnr. will tell you it's a great way to lose your money, and in that sense, I'd concede Mayweather has the the slight advantage.



Still, I just don't know.



In terms of power, Antonio Tarver always knew he had the advantage over Roy Jones Jnr. who like Mayweather, practiced the hit and not get hit brand of Boxing — Boxing in its purest form, in my opinion. Nevertheless, the extra dimension, after their controversial first fight was although the same age, Tarver was much more determined, which is not to say Floyd historically shows up with a will to lose. Far from that. But arguably, Tarver was the fresher of the two, experience-wise. Watch the fight below and judge for yourself.

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Here, we have a situation where an aging Boxing genius undefeated in the last 16years with 10 world titles to his name is coming out after a long layoff (over a year) to fight a younger power puncher who spent that time fighting five times.

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Is talent, experience and great preparedness alone going to enable Mayweather to walk away with the WBC crown? Like I said, it's hard to gage, bearing what Manny Steward (above) said.



Feel the tension.

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Admittedly, I like 'em all. And by "all", I include Ortiz' brother. Ortiz' story, and man! Man, the bond between him and his brother, that's quite something. And his story — despite having a lot in common with the notoriously "dysfunctional family" background of Mayweather Jnr. (and I don't mean that judgmentally) — is a moving one.

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As a Boxing purist and long-time Anti-Doping/Anti-cheating advocate, I'm a Boxing fan first. And by default, because of his skill (not nationality or ethnicity) and contribution to Boxing, a Mayweather fan, second. No shame or apologies there.

Boxing's 'Golden Boy' Oscar De La Hoya who lost to both Mayweather, and in the case of Bernard Hopkins, via a brilliant devastating hook to the rib cage (something Ortiz may try on Mayweather), believes Ortiz will win. Zab Judah, who also lost to Mayweather on the other hand, like most others, has predicted a late stoppage by Mayweather.

Nevertheless, styles make fights. Which is why although he's a southpaw, I'm not comparing Ortiz to Manny Pacquiao. Quite the contrary. That matchup and its likely outcome — based on objective Boxing (not emotional) knowledge à la the foregoing, would be easier to gage. That however, belongs to another blog. For now, we have to get past September 17, 2011. Just like we're about to find out if the next 24-48hrs will see the end of a 16-year-old dynasty or not as predicted by Victor Ortiz when allegedly, he was only "nine years old".

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Sure, the controversy, sideshow, dirt and hate is easy to find and focus on. But that's not what holds my interest. And I quoting Scott Alexander for a reason: "All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity [平常, 平庸之才] is easy. Stay away from easy."

IF Floyd wins, that will only teach purists like myself a whole lot more, about what it is that makes greats, great. Because like Oscar Wilde, "I'm not young enough to know everything" like a lot of the Floyd haters darting from every Forum imaginable to Youtube, posting profanity, slurs and in most cases nationalism-driven vitriol while emotionally confusing speculation with facts. And I should know what I'm talking about because I personally know and knew "friends" who did that just. I love this game too much to so debase it and myself. 

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And may the better man win

on fight night

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Comment by David - 戴維在中國 on September 20, 2011 at 11:49am

pff... yeah come back in a week or so and I might have actually been able to stream the whole thing.


We love China Internet, so fast, so reliable, so dependable - so full of it ; )

Comment by THiNKTaNK on September 18, 2011 at 2:28pm

HAHA...Not good yet. But working on it:-)


Thought you were writing to tell me you know the ...ahem..."violence" ended with a Round 4 KO. But please...

Continue the "download" :-) Don't let me distract you:-)

Comment by David - 戴維在中國 on September 18, 2011 at 2:22pm

Noted, and noted my good sir!



Comment by THiNKTaNK on September 17, 2011 at 12:14pm

Mental Fortitude...Just like some practice Prostitution (and even the Bible deals with Prostitution) as a way of earning a living so, Boxing, for others. And just like others download Porn while practicing Sociology:-) ... and I try to not proselytize because well...I don't wanna hurt their feelings, Boxing since childhood to me has meant only one thing: a great way to learn Mental Fortitude.


Nota bene: nothing said about physical strength.


Always remember that, my friend.

Always remember that.

Good afternoon! :-)

Comment by David - 戴維在中國 on September 17, 2011 at 12:06pm

'Thinktank dislikes haters'


David agrees...


While I do not condone violence and abhor violence *ahem*  I am really looking forward to this epic meeting.


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