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The ThiNKiNG Man's Game: How Intelligence Works (SP 1)

Man vs. Machine & Worthless Degrees?  The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn...and change.


 Revolutions promise drama, but change comes in the detail.  




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The ThiNKiNG Man's Game: How Intelligence Works


 'Jeopardy!' Victory for Watson & IBM = New Era In Computing 

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In this segment and subsequent releases, I will — I hope — methodically share with you how great strides by real everyday people who don't sit on their behinds and pontificate from behind keyboards are impacting your life and mine, and that of generations to come. The original premise still holds true: ambition, determination, focus, creativity, intellectual humility and a drive to solve humanity's problems differentiate nonsense from intelligence. 


From plain old everyday people to tinkerers to practical technologists to researchers, PhDs (sometimes with 2 or even 3 PhDs and other practical qualifications), degree holders and plain old everyday people walking the walk. So that the next time someone tells you degrees are, and/or by implication hard work is worthless, you can ask them to either do  a little research and find out how many PhDs IBM employs (in China, India and America alone);  and Google, then stop over at MIT (nevermind DARPA or the PhDs and huge NSF which funds research and practical technology that has improved living standards the world over); then LG, which just invented (or at least showcased) the world's first 3-D smartphone in Barcelona. Or if they're lazy, perhaps you can ask them to see the videos herein: 

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Those hard at work innovating often shudder and cringe every time desktop pontiffs attempt to convince impressionable young (and sometimes old) seekers of second-hand knowledge that college and research degrees like PhDs are worth nothing.

 The politics of getting and keeping a satisfactory job wherever one happens to find themselves is, regardless of whether one has or hasn't a degree, a complicated and an imperfect one. I've dealt with that in many of my writings and posts already. Most recent ones being among others: the Truth & the Nexus between Soft & Hard Power series as well the Cultural Competency and Confidence Builder series. 

 Nevertheless, there's such a (perhaps "boring") thing as the scientific method and throughout history, people have ridiculed researchers, PhDs, academics and by and large the same people whose innovations make their "know it all" pontifications and Microsoft bashing online possible. But as Dr. Lessig said "Revolutions promise drama, but change [true change, as in real progress] comes in the detail".

For now, meet and enjoy Watson (above), the IBM Supercomputer set to help solve the problem of Information Overload (a problem I live with daily/see Profile/Job) via IBM's DeepQA Project; what is generating a lot of buzz on American TV right now as Watson battles against brainy humans. And if you pay attention, you'll notice almost all the researchers interviewed are PhDs. The so-called worthless degrees

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One more thing: here's a related reading. And as always, read and enjoy with a positive heart and attitude. 


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In this life we have three great lasting qualities - Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of them is Love. 现在常存的有信、望、爱这三样,其中最大的是爱。

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