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There are people in our lives that just made us happy for the simple fact on have been in the same path we were walking.

Some walk the path with us, watching many moons together and there are some others that we just barely get a glimpse of them between steps.

All of them we call friends and there are many kinds.

Maybe each leaf of a tree can classify the kind of friends we have. The first friends , dad and mom, they show us what is life. Then after come others, we call them brothers. With this friend we share same space and time so they can flourish like us and then we meet the whole family of leaves , to mostly we respect and wish them well.

Destiny introduces us to many other friends later, some of those we did not have any idea they were going to be in that path. Many of them we call them closest friends, soul friends. They are sincere and true. They know when we are not well, they know what make us happy and they know what we need without ask them.  
Sometimes one of those closest ones sparks different emotions in ourselves and we meet love and then you have a friendly love. That friend gives you brightness to your eyes, music to your lips, make you feel jumping in the clouds.
But also there are some friends for just sometime, maybe a holiday, some hours, some days. They put many smiles in our faces while we are close to them.  And there are those far friends, those on the far corner of the tree branches but when the wind blows they appear between one leaf and other, no matter we do not see them so close, they are always watching from the distance.
Time pass, summer is gone and autumn is coming and we lose some leaves, some will come back in the next spring and some will remain through times and seasons. But what make us more joyful is that those leaves that fell to the ground, keep nourish our roots, the memories of those wonderful moments when they crossed our paths.
Every single person that cross your life is unique and always, always will leave a bit of self in us and will take a bit of us with him/her
I wish you , leaf of my tree, peace, love, health, today, tomorrow, and always.

And no matter there are those who will take too much and there are some that won’t leave almost anything, always the best memories remain in our lives making it worthwhile.

This is proof that souls never meet by randomness and everything happens for a reason.

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Comment by Charlie (The Blue Dragon) on August 8, 2013 at 2:23am

Yeah, the understanding of the reasons is the dilemma.

Comment by GrayDude ™ on August 8, 2013 at 1:11am

Indeed everything happens for the reason. The thing is people understand only in hindsight.


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