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 The E-Library at this time has over 10,000 books and teaching resources More books, lesson plans, coloring, crafts, travel guides, Academic and casual reading are being put up daily. There is also a resume and job section, schools around the world and reading for every level and category.


The aims of I.C.U.C. complete English course are:

To let the children experience through all the senses that learning the English language is fun.

To enable the children to experience language as a means of communication.

To establish listening comprehension, writing, reading and speaking skills.

To offer a wide variety of activities which encourage the learning process.

To contribute to the development of the children’s cognitive and social skills.

Their emotional growth and their basic and fine motor skills.

To establish an open-minded and positive attitude towards other peoples and cultures by making the children familiar with another linguistic community.

To provide the teacher with concrete models to follow with tips and ideas to further expand the activities.

I.C.U.C. complete English course also touches on various cultural aspects of English speaks through optional extra units dealing with Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

It has been clearly shown that information in the English language best remains in the children’s memories when the content of what they are learning appeals to them. Stories, sketches, rhymes, songs, and chants in particular are an ideal means of conveying language in an interesting and humorous way.

An introduction to the teaching concept of I.C.U.C. complete English course.

Key concepts of cognitive psychology on which I.C.U.C. complete English course is based.

Principles governing tile use of the materials.

A discussion of important questions concerning classroom management and teacher-parent communication.


I.C.U.C. is an academic resource for students, parents and teachers. After assisting our students to be well prepared in the K – 12th grade years. To be able to enroll in a foreign school. Utilizing the Global E Library limitless resources. We will help students register for the college or University that best suits their academic needs to acquire the degree they wish to qualify for.


We offer tailor-made educational programmes for school language/Academic study during the school year as well as during school holidays. These programmes provide an unforgettable and unique cultural and educational experience in fascinating and historic locations to make the most of school trips abroad. With the cooperation and assistance of the higher institutions that wish to have them attend their establishment. We want to give our students the top institutions from around the world to choose from. While giving the students ways to advance after achieving their degree goal.

ICUC is Collaborating with the government Education Bureau Of China along with other countries to help place foreign English teachers also with companies searching for foreign help. We wish to include your highly recommended institution to our list of prestigious establishments that wish to offer their students with a way to advance after graduation along with alternative Institutions to learn a language in the country from which it comes from.

If your students are interested in our positions, please contact us with your passport front page, degree copy, tefl/tesol certificate, resume, and other relevant documents for the application. Providing a brief introduction video can help the application. We are currently seeking experienced, outgoing, fun & professional teachers.

But if you are a new graduate a Full-time, 12-Month internships with stipends are offered for recent college graduates or people wishing to change their carrier.. 12-Month internships are provided training in specific fields through close work with a professional staff member a complete e-library with lessons, resources, academic/ casual reading books, familiarity with modern and contemporary strategies through seminars and discussions, and an educational program that exposes interns to the workings of the school system as a whole and considers the role of education in the broader cultural context. 12-Month interns will also be given the opportunity to develop and regularly deliver public talks about the school system.

“The Universal Library of Knowledge” project, an online library that provides free story books for children.

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Comment by Robert on August 20, 2014 at 2:34pm

Global E-Library has teaching resources, teaching books, story books, cook books, learn Chinese books etc......... take a look around it is free to read any and as many books are you want to.

Comment by Robert on August 20, 2014 at 2:31pm

Join the Global Library Group to get news on the latest books uploaded, new resources. Open a topic or ask a question let everyone have a chance to hear what you have to say.

When you read the intro you will get a free membership password, the web site and answers to many Q & A

Here is an intro. on how to use the E-library

Global Library URL:

(note; The ICUC is in capital letters)

Comment by Robert on July 31, 2013 at 1:04pm

I have received many questions on how do I use the FREE library. I will try to answer all of your questions in this tutorial. If I do not answer your question please let me know and I will add it in or if you would like to know more. When you open the FREE library you will NOT need to register, sign up, join, use you email address, sign in, take a survey, look at advertisement’s, download anything it is FREE to read any story book and as many as you would like to read. I hope the directions I supply here are clear enough for everyone to be able to read all the story books they want to read.

My Weixin is on my page
Comment by Charlie (The Blue Dragon) on July 31, 2013 at 12:49pm

Awesome :D


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