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Between Overconfidence & A Devastating Counterpunch

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Nonito "the Filipino Flash" Donaire's 2nd Round counterpunch demolition of Fenando Montiel was a sight to behold, and definitely reinforces my contention:


Boxing is a THiNKiNG man's/woman's game.


Hitting and not getting hit is what makes it a sweet science.


And although I like both boxers, most could see the end coming when it was clear pride and overconfidence instead of careful footwork, defense, and head movement was the primary strategy Montiel (a KO master himself) was going to allow to predominate the latter's fight plan. 


How good is Donaire?

He's so  good I together with like-minded fans have had him on my top 10 in the last 16 or so months and been watching him hone gifted boxing talent. Actually, I was intent on cleaning my living room and watching the fight simultaneously but it was quite clear that was not to be.



What a counterpunch!



What a nail bitter!

From start to finish...Wait a minute.


Did I just say "finish?" 


What "finish"? It was more like sudden death. Literally. And I'm not sure Montiel could have delayed it. Check hooks like that are usually executed by gifted boxers on instinct and with precise timing.


Mescalito, Tony T, Barrio and all...Hope you enjoyed it.   

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