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Urumqi city(乌鲁木齐市)metro line 1 northern section will be open soon within this month(pls know this info for travel reference only)

Hello travelers for SZS users out there

I have a good news for you~

Urumqi city(乌鲁木齐) which is located at the north western part of China called Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

(新疆维吾尔自治区)'s largest city called Urumqi city will be operating it first metro line 1 northern section within this month.

This is the logo of the Urumqi Metro

This is the Metro line 1 map and the Northern section

which is from international airport station(国际机场站)~8th building(八楼站) will be opened within this month.

The cost will be 2 yuan per distance and

the operation time will be 7am~1am(the next day).

According to the Urumqi metro there are planning 7 metro lines and the red dotted stations will the upcoming metro transfer stations.

Line 2,3,4 is still under construction and the southern section of Line 1 will be operational at upcoming this december.

so for those who are planning to travel to Urumqi

pls know this info as for refercence only.

p.s from Shenzhen to Urumqi has 2 direct is by direct daliy flight which takes about 5hours 30mins and a sleeper train which takes about 48 hours.

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