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       Taxi driver's are trying to make a living like the rest of us and just as human as well. Their job has its good or bad days, its ups and downs just like ours. They are in a very exposed customer service position.

      AND Yes, we all know that most of the taxi driver's in China are rude. I've been in a stink cab, in a dirty cab, clean cab, new cab, speedy cab and impolite drivers. But every time I take cabs, I used to have chats with the driver's and find them as receptive to courteous behavior as you are.

      BUT Yes, even you are polite to them, still some of the taxi driver's will not mind with that. One example from a friend of mine. She took a cab from Nanshan to Luo hu going to Hongkong for a holiday vacation to Philippines. She got two big luggage, full of stuffs for her family and friends. When she arrived at the Luo hu station, she immediately paid the taxi fare and told the taxi driver to help her to take out her luggage. But too bad, when she stepped out from the taxi, the driver drove quickly as he can and almost hit my friend. She took the next taxi on the line as the driver saw also the incident but too late the taxi who took her stuffs was gone already. She reported it to the Police Station and gave the plate number but too bad she missed one digit of it.

      LESSON: When you arrive at your destination with luggage, tell the driver to help you to take out your stuffs BUT do not pay the fare yet and wait him to go out first from the cab.

       We all know that there are good and bad cabbies with many stories to illustrate both sides of the argument. You may say all cabbies are crook, but we are all entitled to have our say, weather its positive or negative.




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Comment by Raven on February 28, 2011 at 10:02am
Wow...sorry to hear that... Now if the driver intended to steal her luggage, paying before or after wouldn't make any difference. Maybe the thing to do is not get out of the cab until the driver remove your luggage from the cab.
Comment by GrandPa on February 27, 2011 at 7:57pm

Bad story.  Sorry it happen.  What it really makes me think of is how bad the police are here.  Your friend missed one digit from the license number.  Even if we presume all of the 10 missing digits were assigned to taxis, which is very very very unlikely, it would mean that there is only 10 possible taxis.  If we consider that the taxi company knows ( I would think ) which shifts the taxis work...we can narrow the search down to 3 or 4 taxis.  My guess is that only 1 of those missing digits is assigned to a taxi.  That she missed one digit, was just there excuse to do nothing...and head off to a KTV and collect a red bag.




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