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i being a Hindu some how this has been a question always faced , why should one say a prayer or for that how does those few words help, some say how does it harm.. sure its also a way of looking at it.  but how many things we do just for the sake of doing it without thinking why do we need to do it.

then it came to me why does some one look at a half cup of water as half full and other see it is as half empty. why does a same day is bright for some one and another see it is as a hot and dry.... . same rainy day is a day is dull and for other is full of romance.

i guess it is the outlook the perception how we look at the external environment that changes, sure chanting a few words or performing some rituals may not change the situation, but doesn't it give u a reason to move forward.  To look forward to believe "things can be okay, Dont need to become religious or follow a particular ritual but sure a few words of positivity can sure do wonders, at least you see the same picture differently

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