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I already mentioned in my last running blog that I have this certain craziness thing and a little imp sitting on my shoulder in whispering into my ear, forcing me to do more crazy things. So for today I thought I participate on the Bonaqua  Action Sprint Adventure Race Series 2012. 12 km running around the Repulse Bay in Hong Kong would be nice. I know some of the trails, I hiked them before and if the weather is good the view is gorgeous. So but nothing of that happened this morning to me. The weather was rather cold and it was drizzling and windy and when the organizer forced us to wear a helmet for the run I was guessing that this will not end good.

Anyway the run started on the nice Repulse Bay beach and after a short sprint in the sand we needed to jump intro the South China Sea to swim a few meters in full gear before we could really kick off the running or what I thought running will be.

The trail, which is also a part from the Wilson Trail in HKG is usually great, but did we run it, well not really. Instead of running up countless stairs we ran thru the wilderness. We hung on to ropes next to waterfall cliffs, climbed up the river gullies and balanced over slippery stones. It was …. well I don’t have words for it. Normally I’m quite fearless and physical strain is not a big problem for me, but today I think I came to an endpoint, maybe for good, my muscles will tell me tomorrow.

With almost tears of happiness I reached the finishing line at the beach, almost fully covered with mud.

 There are 3 more run’s left and I’m not sure if I am doing it again, but when I now look at the picture I can already hear the little imp whispering ….  go, go, go


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Comment by Biophoton on March 5, 2012 at 8:36am
Thank you so much Ladies. I still need to train a lot for being super women, but I give me best to reach that target very soon.


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