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And mostly the criticism always is increased about me when I particularly mention this subject, but is a reality that we do not want to face.
First the issue that the " feelings come from the heart " is trash, hey I am not anti-romantic but all the encode and decode of human emotions, sensations and perceptions is in the brain, the heart is an organ to pump blood and other little things. 
So basically the never ending battle " between heart and brain " is surreal too. 
And people when is feeling an emotional attachment, gets better results, yes; and also when a person has inspiration do better things, yes.
But there are the times when that pull back careers and goals and establish professional limitations and that is when " love " becomes a virus. 
There are times when a person cannot focus due to the consequences of the confrontational relationship or to a simple relationship that does not fulfill the expectations of the individual.
And mainly that happens because the tolerance on the intellectual or formation needs of the person is not appreciated by the same individual and only the temporary production of dopamine and " happy hormones " is counted, that at the beginning will work perfect but with some time that will turn from fun into boring and " why we do not talk about anything that we both appreciate ", well basically because nothing is in common there intellectually to talk.
And that is when the pull back starts.
The person with different intellectual intentions feel suffocated by a relationship that does not bring challenges or barely a good sharing of opinions. So from my point of view, I think love is ok, feeling fine if ok too, but there are intellectual needs that noone should overseen when you are looking for someone to share your life.

And as my father used to say:

" Marry someone you can talk to, when the years pass, this ability will become more and more important " 

And Hang On !!!
Remember you cannot fall from earth into space.

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