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After a long hiatus was able to do my most relaxing thing , sipping drinks in the darkness of night just observing people and  it started quite well, looked around found a nice corner to sit , ordered the drinks and looked around, the venue was a shisha bar, found a good mix up of expats- chinese, chinese- chinese and just friends kinds  to the buddy all lets play kinds hanging around. even the age group was quite varied. 

first group to seek my attention was a set of two pairs siting right across at a few steps distance, all regular stuff except one thing they were not chatting ....... they were drinking , i guess they had ordered beer can. instead the guys were busy with the usual fighting games. always wonder whats the fun in that.  what happened to the usual drinking games that used to be so fun and interactive. any way people do change with time and technology has advanced.

second one to seek attention was a pair of I AM A ENGLISH TEACHER and student, combo. a bit too old to be called a teacher and student. but anyway i am not to judge peoples choices. I am always amazed all the women some how are able to act quite well the role of a chinese traditional women, some how have heard the dialogues always in the same sequence always. guess we have learnt from the same teacher. the role always last till end or one or two beer bottles only. one thing about the chinese lady is , its always quite predictable when they might reach their self limit of drinking , but i guess its fashion to get over board. or getting over board is a step to move to the next one....... anyway its interesting 30 mins...........

by this time i was mid way through...... and then this young lady with a glass with a lemon stuck in it i guess it must be wine or vodka. holding it came walking in or rather to say rumbled in and sat right across me. the one that got my attention apart from her movie style entry to this side of the bar was she sat on wall side sofa, with legs wide open.  Don't think ...... she was wearing black trousers. but in spite its unusual for a lady to sit with legs wide spread.  sorry i didn't see who she came with , but i guess the demographics of Shenzhen have changed quite a bit and lot of ladies can actually afford to ....... then she goes on to order food .. okay and she orders a large martini. it was quite noticeable to she was already over it makes me curious and notice that she is actually crying and i am juggling between yes and yes not and finally i control the feeling of jumping i am still not sure was right or wrong but i guess before you jump in to save a drowning person  one must be sure you know well how to swim

i left with that image of a round faced petite woman with long permed hair crying inconsolably with herself and drinking that martine mixed with drops of tears.. and wondering why was she crying................ a question i will never get a answer to....

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