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Kong Ye De's Videos (13)

  • Our Neighbors

    Our Neighbors 01:00

    How well do you know your neighbors? Why not make a little effort to get to know them? Kong Ye De Jan 23, 2010 71 views

  • Spread your wings

    Spread your wings 01:30

    Someone in our lives has given us encouragement, someone has said, “you’re ready.” We are lifted an… Kong Ye De Jan 20, 2010 48 views

  • Is OSBL dead?

    Is OSBL dead?

    This is an interview that was taken with Bhutto about a month ago after the first terror attack whe… Tags: osbl Kong Ye De Dec 29, 2007 96 views

  • Dongau Island visit

    Dongau Island visit

    I have visited this small island several times over the last 4 years. It's a great place for swimmi… Tags: china Kong Ye De Nov 25, 2007 128 views


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