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Anyone who can teach me how to cook Indian curry and Naan? Get paid.

My husband and I both love Indian food, especially chicken masala, palak panner etc. I would like to learn to cook it home sometimes since it is not easy to find a good Inadian restaurant that delivers. I will buy the ingrediance in advance. 

We live in Nanshan, Daxin Metro. PM me and let me know how much you want to charge for a half day learning course. Thanks. 

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Hi. Good to know. You can search on YouTube every dish with complete details is there.
"Half a day learning course" to cook Indian food?

I understand you're Chinese and will try to spend as little as you can, but you must be highly optimistic to want this to be squeezed in a half day, lol

Btw let us know your budget, let's see if we can be even more amused :)
tks for your advise.
I hope you are Indian, otherwise your comment is useless as you don't know how to cook Indian.
Also hope you could get the idea that Indian Curry or Naan ≠ Indian food.
Anyway, you won't get paid; )
Hmm, so only Indians can cook Indian food and Indian curry isn't Indian food. You are so intelligent!
Must it be Indian curry and naan or would Pakistani curry and naan suffice?

"Must it be Indian curry and naan or would Pakistani curry and naan suffice?"

I was wondering about the same thing.

One must always remember that when it comes to delicious recipes, Google is your friend.



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