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Hello, I'm an English teacher in Shenzhen. I hope you are all doing well.


I recently joined the forum, and just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Take care ;)

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Are you an English Teacher or an "English Teacher"?

You're a couple of years too late for SZStuff.

I think you meant to say an or a.

Thanks for whatever you're trying to say troll. Seeking to start an intellectual confrontation might work better my insecure friend, something only an insecure person would do, works better if you yourself know how to speak English. Bye bye.

He just means to say that this site has been sleepy for a couple of years. There are better places to hawk your wares, eg the Chinese version of LinkedIn 领英 

And when this site was thriving, from about 2008 till about 2015, it was one of the most troll-friendly networks on the Internet. As you can see from the comments section of this Shanghaiist article, a lot of the trolls liked to make fun of English teachers. Nothing that needed to be taken to heart. 

Oops, just noticed that the comments section has been removed. 

Thank you for that valuable contribution Kev.

I would naturally use an in both constructions, but maybe Slough Technical High School was not sufficiently advanced.

If you do not understand the difference between English Teacher and "English Teacher" you must be very new to China. Good luck whichever you are.

If you want any idea of what the site was then you need to use a computer or select desk-top view on a phone.

Pal, you are someone who clearly has too much time on his hands, what with looking to start a confrontation so as to give yourself something to do. I also might add that your pining away for the so called "glory days" of this sight says a lot about you, and none of it good. You might want to get a life instead of picking fights with new members. Makes you seem like a loser.

Also, your warm welcome might explain why I hear crickets here instead of people talking, as well as why you need to pick fights with people you do not know just so you can start a discussion.

It is also clear you don't speak English, and the a and an difference is not about using an with words that start with a e i o u, and has to do with something else. Sadly you're not smart enough to know that. Hence, the need for you to lash out and pick a fight in an attempt to somehow prove you are smarter than someone you don't even know.

Seems this site is dead, and fools like you killed it. I'm guessing losers like yourself have been acthing this way for some time, and drove most people away. You and your ilk should have been banned long ago.

Oh well. One can only hope that they make enough in ad revenue, even without people coming here, to keep this place afloat just long enough for you and others like you to completely destroy it, which you've pretty much already done it seems. That said you can still drive it into the ground even further. Just for good measure.

Legends in your own mind genetlemen.

I think I'll be yet another person who is going to opt out of posting here, and leave you two fellows to jerk each other off in silence. Bye bye ;)

I was just recommending a place where you are likely to score more business and explaining why this site is not it. 

The intention of my second sentence in my original post was to indicate there was little chance of finding anything here.

For English-teaching jobs in Shenzhen, there are four good companies to go to: English First, Wall Street, Meten and Web. 

You could also teach on a freelance basis, but in that case it is difficult to build up the contacts and of questionable legality, so I recommend one of those four companies, all of which have at least two branches in Shenzhen. 

Good luck

I disagree about it being "of questionable legality". It is clearly illegal, whether on a tourist, business or moonlighting on a work permit. Now that the PSB (police) and Immigration computers are in contact it is far more likely to be picked than ten years ago.

Do Americans really say "a English teacher"?



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