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Hello, I'm an English teacher in Shenzhen. I hope you are all doing well.


I recently joined the forum, and just wanted to say hi, and introduce myself.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Take care ;)

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You sound like "an" asshole. You should fit right in.

Haha ... yeah, I also noticed his bizarre (and incorrect) use of the quotation marks of suspicion: “recent college graduates with almost “no” work experience.”

Hello our school in qinghuangdao city, need English teacher, anyone want this job please contact with me, my wechat: gracec81, or phone me :

Tom, how is it all going? I’m interested to hear. In the meantime, I’ve reviewed your website, which contains an extended description of how awesome you are in the English language.

Given that self-description, I have a number of observations. They are outlined below. As an over-arching point, I draw your attention to the fact that you appear not to be able to use apostrophes correctly. I am available to assist you with this issue, and my rates are reasonable. I am also willing to walk 20 minutes* from any Hong Kong MTR station to meet you (*this does not apply to the following parts of Hong Kong: Kowloon, New Territories, or anywhere east of Tin Hau on the Island line).

TOM TEXT: “I start by testing a students fundamental understanding of the alphabet ...”

CORRECTION: No, you don’t. You start by testing a student’s fundamental understanding of the alphabet ... . In addition, “phonic” should be “phonics” in that sentence.

TOM TEXT: “It is the students choice what they will learn.”

CORRECTION: “It is the students’ choice what they will learn.”

TOM TEXT: “My education, and teaching ability are at a very high level, so I can teach everyone regardless of their current English speaking level.”

CORRECTION: Like you, Tom, I love the Oxford comma. But you’ve mangled it here. If you wanted to break the clause, the second comma needed to go in after the word “ability”. However, that would leave you with the triple comma in a single sentence, given that you need to break the “level ... so” with a comma. So, what you needed to do is to have SKIPPED THE FUCKING FIRST COMMA ALTOGETHER. If you do that, your sentence is both grammatically correct and aesthetically pleasing. (I leave aside the substantive question of whether we agree that your education and English teaching experience are of a “high level”. (Note the correct use of the quotation marks of suspicion there; see below.)

TOM TEXT: “Even worse the majority of them are recent college graduates with “no” work experience”

CORRECTION: There is “no” possible justification for using the emphasis quotation marks here. It just “doesn’t” make sense. :-)

TOM TEXT: “The truth is that most people in the world speak English.”

CORRECTION: What are you counting here as “speaking English”? Do you refer to the knowledge that “hello” is a greeting? Would that suffice. The truth, Tom, is that most people (by which one reasonably assumes you mean a bare majority), do not speak English. So, this sentence is what we would call, back in the home of the English language (which incidentally is not your country), a steaming pile of horseshit.

TOM TEXT: “The combination of sudden freedom, and making a lot of money often leads to bad decision making.”

CORRECTION: I’ll leave aside the fact of another dodgy use of the Oxford comma. But Tom. English teachers in China make a lot of money? What exactly are they doing with that 15k RMB per month? Wild, man. How many of those 2 RMB er guo tous from 7-Eleven did you buy with that, back in the day? Oh, I forget. You were too busy being virtuous. Or what we, in the native English speaking countries, refer to as a sanctimonious prick.

TOM TEXT: “Girls learn differently than boys ...”

CORRECTION: This would be corrected in England (which is where the language is spoken as the country’s native language) to “differently from”. But I would concede that this is “correct” (note the correct use of the quotation marks of suspicion there) in “American English”.

I look forward to hearing from you, Tom.




If it's any consolation, here is Joe Rogan talking about Internet trolls. I agree with every word: 



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