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I think it's only me, with a little bit of Kev. I'll pm you tomorrow.

Well, new users join every day but many may be computer-generated. 

I also think one or two of the old-timers might still lurk. 

Those profiles have been destroyed... now, let’s go back to our usual navel gazing.

It's been a while since I navel-gazed.

Any good Italian films to watch?

So, it’s only the three of us...

still here

I still lurk periodically but since chat died I venture on a few times a month only

There's no point in sites like these anymore. They started losing members after Facebook and Wechat took over, along with the influx of dating apps like Tinder, Tantan, Badoo, etc.

However, none of those are replacements for the site's mission statement:

Shenzhen Stuff is a localized website for people living in Shenzhen which focuses on social expansion (people you don't know already) vs. social networking (people you already know).

It's not so much a dating website. If your ONLY interest is dating, then other sites might be a better option.

It was highly successful in fulfilling that mission before Facebook was blocked, and I find FB and WeChat to be useless in meeting new people. I am not interested in dating sites.

I still think that a lot of the problem lies with the useless mobile app, and wish it could be turned off. People who use it, probably the majority, only see a very restricted view of the site - rather like the "Blind Man and the Elephant".

SZStuff is dead, long live SZStuff,

Indeed some do occasionally come back for a little lurking....

I am.



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