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Perhaps it takes a dirty mind to find an innuendo, sometimes it's jovial flirting though other times it's a clear sign you don't take yourself and others too seriously...

What do you all think? I'm interested to hear your opinions on this.

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Yip, you can't beat a good bit or sardonic humour...

For example, when I was out walking my dog yesterday there was this woman with her fluff ball - don't know what kind of dog it was, similar to a husky in size, totally white long fur - that was thoroughly enthralled with my dogs butt but my dog was having none of it barking at the white fluff ball to what I imagine in dog language to be "fuck off!" The whole time this woman was screaching orders at her dog which her dog was completely ignoring. Through most of the park this continued, the dog running circles around its owner every time she got near to it and pestering my dog, until I stated "Ni jiao de ta tai hao le!" and grabbed her dog by the scruff of its neck and said to her "Ni guo lai, guan hao ni de gou". In case you don't understand the Chinese part, the pawky bit was "ni jiao de ta tai hao le" which is "you really trained it very good"...
I sometimes use it as a kind of tongue-in-cheek, light flirty way being my usual cheeky bastard self!
But most times it's just childish banter!
Ooh, suits you, sir!
I didn't realise that pawky is a Scottish word. We use it darn souf anall.
It's an English as in the language, not the country. True, we wouldn't use it very much in Scotland, preferring sardonic.

So says Google, its origin is Scotland and N.England.......who knew!

I think I have a good chance of winning the final of The Innuendo Championship. I just need to ram home my stiff advantage and I can come first. 

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