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Perhaps it takes a dirty mind to find an innuendo, sometimes it's jovial flirting though other times it's a clear sign you don't take yourself and others too seriously...

What do you all think? I'm interested to hear your opinions on this.

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Suggestion: Learn the meaning of "innuendo" before making a fool of yourself by using it incorrectly again.

Give my regards to your beard wife.

See the innuendo here?

Good one, Mr Tomato!

Why is it a "good one", Heather?

Please explain explain what you think you understand.

Do you think he/she is a small penis or tight hairy pussy?

EK was right to dub you "epic fail"...

Would you care to point out where I gave an example of its use? You clearly don't know what it means, Mike got it, but then Mike is not a dumbass.

Your example is not an innuendo.

Must you forever comment on other people's wives? Creep.

I think I need more practice on this, especially from the intelligent people. :-)

BTW: "Innuendo" is a new word to me, but now in my vocabulary. Thanks to you!

Please go back writing about your sex life :)

At least she has a sex life to talk about

We all have sex life to talk about!

Just Heather's is more interesting ;)

What does that tell you?

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink - say no more

I use quite a lot of innuendo, but it's not flirting seriously. Basically I'll say or do more or less anything if I think it's funny.

I do pawky as well quite a lot.



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