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According to a recently-banned psychology book it is:

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Chinese men dont act like infants...they act more like toddlers

This is the exact kind of shit posting that prompted everybody had leave Shenzhenstuff

You're right. It is a

This is the exact kind of posting that prompted everybody to think that Shenzhenstuff was interesting.


I remember flying to BJ or SH once many moons ago, and the stewardess was flat out serving meals. A portly chap, probably in his 40's threw his meal on the floor in a fit a pique, due to the fact that she didn't drop what she was doing and immediately bring his free alcoholic drink.

Really, what a fat, short Emperor....... I want it now!

The other flight staff moved her away, so that fat guts wouldn't flare up again. 

I imagine if this recently occurred in America, things would have taken a very different turn.

Perhaps having siblings helps with some relationship skills?




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